Makedonia -Υπόθεση Γεωργίου: Τελικά, ποιος εξαπάτησε ποιον – [Georgiou’s case – eventually, who deceived whom?]

Makedonia briefly summarizes the entire saga through March 2019 in this Greek language article available here.


In.Gr – Η υπόθεση Γεωργίου, τα Greek Statistics και το «γραμμάτιο» που ήθελε να ξοφλήσει ο Τσίπρας στον Καραμανλή [The case of Georgiou, Greek Statistics and the “promissory note” that Tsipras wanted to repay to Karamanlis]

In.Gr reports on the case, read the article (in Greek) here.  A translation of the introductory sentences is below.

This case was set up in such a way so as to serve two poles. On the one hand, SYRIZA who had to take power by accusing the former [governments] of the deficit. On the other hand, the “Karamanlis faction”, i.e., the government which was in power from 2004 to 2009, which left a deficit of over 15% due to the incredible waste that increased public spending.

Η Άποψη.Gr (The – Επί Καραμανλή (2004-2009) τα μεγάλα ελλείμματα…. [On Karamanlis (2004-2009) the big deficits…]

The news organization Η Άποψη.Gr delivers a comprehensive history of the deficits and the political dynamics surrounding the Georgiou case.  Read the article (in Greek) here.

Kathimerini / Bruegel – Integrity of official statistics under threat [Μία υπόθεση που δηλητηριάζει την ανάκαμψη]

Edwin Truman and Nicolas Veron describe the importance of reliable national economic statistics and the threat that the ongoing persecution of Andreas Georgiou poses for Greece, for the EU, and around the world.  See the English version here.   See the Greek version here.  This article was also published by the EU think tank Bruegel (use this link to access the Bruegel article).


FT – Greece should not hound man who refused to falsify the figures [also published in Kathimerini]

A letter signed by 10 former staff of the IMF, in support of Andreas Georgiou, appeared in the Financial Times. It is available at this link.

The letter was translated and published in the Greek Newspaper Kathimerini. See the Greek language article here.

Kathimerini -Μια παράγραφος που ξεχάστηκε. [The paragraph that was forgotten]

Dionysis Goussetis writes for Kathimerini about the Eurogroup press release that accompanied the last tranche of funding to Greece under the ESM program.  See the Greek language article here.

Capital – Τσίπρας στην Welt για υπόθεση Γεωργίου: Δύο ανακρίβειες και μία υπεκφυγή. [Tsipras in die Welt regarding the Georgiou case: Two inaccuracies and one attempt at evasion]

Miranda Xafa writes for Capital about the Greek Prime Minister Tsipras’ interview with the German publication Die Welt.  See the Greek language article here.