FT – Brussels must assess Greek judicial reform efforts

The Friends of Greece encourage the new European Commission to pursue the EU commitment to closely monitor Greek judicial reform and the defamation lawsuit against Greece’s former chief statistician, Andreas Georgiou. See the English language article here (subscription required).


Süddeutsche Zeitung – Keine Angst mehr vor dem finanziellen Nichts [No more fear of financial oblivion]

This German review of the Spring elections in Greece closed with thoughts about the Georgiou persecution.  “One of the burdens of the Tsipras government is the political instrumentalization of the judiciary. This became clear, for example, in the Kafkaesque prosecution of former statistics chief Andreas Georgiou, who was alleged to have “artificially” increased Greece’s deficit. Such obsessions should end the new government. It no longer has to fear that Greece will fall out of the Eurozone or into financial futility. That is a good condition for a new beginning.”  Read the original article in German here.

In.Gr – Η υπόθεση Γεωργίου, τα Greek Statistics και το «γραμμάτιο» που ήθελε να ξοφλήσει ο Τσίπρας στον Καραμανλή [The case of Georgiou, Greek Statistics and the “promissory note” that Tsipras wanted to repay to Karamanlis]

In.Gr reports on the case, read the article (in Greek) here.  A translation of the introductory sentences is below.

This case was set up in such a way so as to serve two poles. On the one hand, SYRIZA who had to take power by accusing the former [governments] of the deficit. On the other hand, the “Karamanlis faction”, i.e., the government which was in power from 2004 to 2009, which left a deficit of over 15% due to the incredible waste that increased public spending.

Die Presse – Noch kein Happy End für Chefstatistiker Georgiou. [No Happy Ending for Chief Statistician Georgiou]

Dr. Eduard Brau, former director of the IMF  Finance Department, penned an article to Die Press about the Georgiou trials in response to a Die Presse Article on Andreas Georgiou’s acquittal on the charge of inflating the Greek deficit.

You can read Dr. Brau’s letter in German here, and the original Die Presse Article here.